Where’re You Walk


Where’re You Walk by Handel is a song that is near and dear to my heart. Hope you guys enjoy.

Upcoming Events:

Hi everyone, I have  a few upcoming events that I hope you all can come see and enjoy.

  • Choir Concert at Grace Covenant Church  @7pm on December 22, 2017
  • Christmas Eve service at Grace Covenant Church @6pm on December 24, 2017

Just a Little About Myself

Hi my name is Zara Burns. I am a music major at the University of Mary Washington. I have been apart of choir throughout my whole life. In high school, I was apart of district choir and the all Virginia state choir; both were unforgettable experiences. Now that I am a freshman in college, I have been apart of the all women’s choir at the University of Mary Washington; this choir has been a great way to ease myself into the music world on the collegiate level. I am looking forward to all the music opportunities that the University of Mary Washington has to give me.    

Music To Me

Music affects us all in different ways. I will never forget the first time I sang in a choir. I was in the fourth grade; I stood their staring out at the crowd full of stage fright, but as soon as everyone started singing around me I was filled with joy and comfort. I feel at home when I am singing with a choir. All kinds of different people and different voices coming together to make one voice and song; it is truly a wonderful experience.